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Caucus Platform

Did you know?

Did you know that the African American Caucus Platform is the same as the California Democratic Party (CDP) Platform? Yes, it is one in the same. Since the African American Caucus is chartered by the CDP then all their polices, issues, concerns and resolutions are supported by us.

The Party Platform outlines our positions on various issues of importance to all democrats. So whether you call yourself a liberal, a progressive or a Berner, if you are a registered Democrat, a CADEM and/or an active participant in the movement to keep California BLUE then these issues should be important to you too.

Having said that, it is important to highlight the fact that because this caucus was formed to address issues specific to the African American community, sometimes the issues we hold dear may not be understood by the general party. This is why we exist, so that we remain aware of what is happening and encourage others to apply meaningful dialogue, movement and action when and where needed.


The last Party Platform was adopted in February of 2016. Learn more about the Party Platform here


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