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CDP Convention African American Caucus Meeting: May 20, 2017

Minutes – May 20, 2017

California Democratic Party African American Caucus Meeting

Sacramento Convention Center

1400 J St., Sacramento, CA, Rm. 314-315


Meeting called to order at 7:39 p.m. by Chair Darren Parker


Attendance:     Parker and Heather Hutt (treasurer) were present.
Robin Proutt (vice chair) and Kimberly Ellis (secretary) were absent

Welcome: Taisha Brown welcomed everyone and San Francisco County Supervisor Malia Cohen addressed the body and announced her candidacy for the State Board of Equalization.
Opening Remarks: Assemblyman Tony Thurmond addressed the body and talked about his bill to tax private prisons and announced his candidacy for State Superintendent of Public Instruction.
Reading the Minutes: Waived by motion

Remarks: Assemblyman Mike Gipson addressed the body and spoke about President Donald Trump’s domestic policies.
Officer & Committee Reports


Treasurer’s Report: Hutt gave her final treasurer’s report. The report was accepted by motion.
Remarks: State Senator Kevin de Leon addressed the body and spoke about Mr. Trump’s domestic policies.
Roll Call: One roll call included caucus officers only. Others were present at the meeting.


Chair’s Report: Parker presented awards and gave special recognition to Virgil Grant, Donny Anderson, Robin Proutt, Isadore Hall, and Hutt.
Political Director’s Report: Jovan Agee gave his report.
Remarks: Dave Cunningham and Rory Kaufman of BAPAC addressed the body.

Regional Director’s Report: LA Black Workers-SEIU-USWW addressed the body. They spoke about the loss of security jobs held by black people and the need for SB 491. : Ken Maxey, Communications Director read the election report on behalf of Renea Wickman
Remarks: State Treasurer John Chiang addressed the body.

CYD Report: California Young Democrats Black Caucus chair Devin Murphy addressed the body.
BART Director Lateefah Simon addressed the body.


New Business (Action)


Bylaws – Change  to Dues Structure
The caucus’s dues were revised by motion and will be added to the bylaws. The new dues structure is:

  • Waiver – $5 (CDP fee)
    • Observer – $20 non-delegate
    • Student w/ ID – $20
    • Senior 65 yrs & over – $20
    • Membership – $25 (DSCC/non-DSCC)
    • Red – $250 (1 year)
    • Foundation Black $ 500 (1 year)
    • Moving Forward Green $1,000 (1 year)



Election of Officers (2017-2019): Parker (Chair), Taisha Brown (Vice Chair), Mark Henderson (Treasurer), and Mister Phillips (Recording Secretary) were elected caucus officers for the 2017-2019 term by acclamation.
Speaker: State Attorney General Xavier Becerra addressed the body and announced his candidacy for State Attorney General. Assemblyman Anthony Rendon also addressed the body.
Keynote Speaker: U.S. Representative Maxine Waters addressed the body. She spoke about Mr. Trump’s policies. Her speech was disrupted by an unruly event staff member. Parker brought the meeting back to order. Waters then finished her presentation.
More Speakers: Multiple guest speakers continued to address the body with remarks and comments for two minutes apiece until the meeting was adjourned


Meeting adjourned at 10:11 p.m. by Chair Darren Parker


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