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CDP Convention African American Caucus Meeting: February 27, 2016

California Democratic Party Convention – African American Caucus Meeting
February 27, 2016 7:15pm Room LL20D

Location: San Jose Convention Center


  1. Meeting Call to Order – Presiding: D. Parker; Recording: Kimberly Ellis /Convened [7:15pm] Negro National Anthem by Victoria McDowell. Introduction of Officers and Special Guests. Opening/Welcome Remarks –Hon. London Breed and Hon. Malia Cohen


  1. Reading of the Minutes/Agenda–Reporting: K. Ellis, Delayed due to recognition of community leaders and officers. Agenda and minutes emailed out to everyone. Motion to waive the reading of the minutes. MOVED/SECOND// APPROVED


  1. Chair’s ReportReporting: Hon. Jones-Sawyer/ Hon. Tony Thurmond/ Hon. Cristina Garcia/ Hon. Isadore Hall/ Hon. Alex Padilla/ Hon. Richard Lara
    1. Hon. T. Thurmond introduced Isadore Hall, Vice Chair Autumn Burke, Caucus Treasurer Sen. Holly Mitchell, Secretary Sebastian Ridley Thomas, Cheryl Brown, Jim Cooper, Mike Gibson, Christopher Holden, Reggie Jones-Sawyer, Kevin McCarty, Dr. Shirley Webber.
    2. Invite officers to stand and be recognized.
    3. Secretary of State A. Padilla calls for everyone to come together. Recognition of Latin American community. Call for people of color to vote and pursue leadership positions. He endorses Isadore Hall and Darren Parker.
    4. Darren Parker welcomed special guest speaker Congresswoman Maxine Waters. The Congresswoman talked about how we need to celebrate the fact that our presidential candidates are both progressive, allowing us to focus on the issues. She said the whole country is changing so we have been “freed up” to talk about the issues we all have wanted to talk about our entire careers and stop being intimidated by money. We never should have stopped talking about the middle class and the police and law and order.
    5. Welcome Attorney General Kamala Harris. Recognize those of extraordinary service
    6. //MOVED (Filing for the Record)/SECOND// APPROVED


  1. Special Recognition Kamala Harris Good Works Award –Introduce Attorney General Kamala Harris as the AAC honoree for the 2015 CDP-African American Caucus Good Works Award. She has a long held belief about the criminal justice system that prevention first is the smartest way of approaching the issue. Discuss the importance of Black Lives Matter and call for legislation to better the community and the lives of young African Americans. Thanks the caucus for all the leadership and support that it has given her.


  1. Political Directors Report: Elvira Harris/ Jovan Agee – Hon. Kevin De León/Hon. Isadore Hall/ Hon. Alex Padilla/
Hon. Ricardo Lara
  2. Vice Chairman’s Report: Vice Chair Robbin Proutt/ Phlunte’ Riddle/ Johnathon Ervin – CLBC Senate Candidates


  1. Keynote Speaker: Parker introduces the Hon. Anthony Rendon. Speaker Rendon speaks about the hard work that is ahead and the need to work together.


  1. Special Guests: Reporting: D. Parker introduced Honorable John Chiang who call for us to follow Kamala Harris and represent all that the A.A. Caucus stands for and Hon. Dave Jones who talks about saving consumers money and disputing insurance companies.


  1. CYD Black Caucus Officers Report: Reporting: Darryn Harris. Ready to build a pipeline of African American leadership throughout California
  2. Special Guest Speakers: Tom Torlakson looks forward to continuing work with the caucus. Tom Steyer says the California Dream is not available to most Californians. Gabriel Montoyo and Sochi Gonzalez. Ms. Ocosio of SEIU-UHW calls for a raise of the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour. Matt Dababneh discusses bill in Assembly to combat predatory lending.
  3. Platform Committee Report: Mister Phillips did African American Caucus resolutions and Pamela Mays-McDonald did African American Caucus platform committee, making sure that it would all go out electronically to any of the membership who want it.
  4. Special Guest Speakers: Basil Kimbrew discussed his personal hardships that the African American Caucus helped him overcome, and spoke about how he would have been lost without their support and how this is the first time we’ve had such a strong Black Caucus since Willie Brown and how we are united.

    Joan Stapleton (Southern CA), Nancy Merritt (Northern CA) and Lily Marie (North East) from the Peace Alliance spoke to support and celebrate the tireless commitment and aid of Darren Parker and took off their button off their lapel and made Darren a lifelong member of the Peace Alliance for embodying peace and also thanked Maxine Waters for her visionary leadership and being a sponsor of the bill and Chantel from the Veteran’s Caucus who has also been very helpful.


  1. Keynote Speaker: NAACP ACT-SO YOUTH – Rev. Moore II representing NAACAP. Also wanted to let people know that he will agitate the Dem Party to support Kimberly for Chair of the Party. Lisa Marie Estrada. Spoken word piece about the flag; Brianna Rivero Spoken word piece about three strikes; Darius Aikens Speech on what it means to be a leader; Kenechukwu Kuba
  2. Lightning round of candidates and brief speakers: Betty Yee/ Mike Gatto/ Rob Bonta/ Ben Allen/ Ro Khanna/ Brent Turner/ Steve Hill/ Joe Andrew/David Ru/Jesse Brooks/ Dr. Rita Ramirez/ Katherine Welch/ Otto Lee/ Paul Henderson


  1. Treasury Report: Heather Hutt presiding. 2016 report. Beginning balance $3806.20. Membership dues from Jan to Feb 2016 bring new balance up to $4806.20 not including new membership or renewals. MOVED/SECOND//APPROVED


  1. Lightning Round Continues: Lateefah Simon/ Jennifer Maddox/ Irmar Jefferson/ Michael Kapp/ Mister Phillips and M. Phillips his campaign manager/ Dustin Moore/Alice Huffman spoke about adult use of marijuana/ Robin Proutt/Kimberly Ellis/Shawn Bagley is on his farewell tour and wanted to thank the African American Caucus for always supporting him.

Closing remarks and Adjournment: Presiding: D. Parker// MOVED/SECOND//ADOPTED [9:45pm]

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