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Ms. Taisha Brown

 Vice Chair


Ms. Taisha Brown has been dedicated to public service her entire life. As an activist committed to the Civil Rights and the Labor movement, Ms. Brown has worked extensively within her Union SEIU Local 1000 as a member and leader advocating on behalf of fellow workers and the community at large. Ms. Brown currently works for the State of California.

Ms. Brown has a wealth of experience engaging diverse groups of people and fighting for equal rights for all members of her community. She is the current President of the Martin Luther King Jr. Democratic Club as well as the Vice President of the A. Phillip Randolph Institute. Ms. Brown has also volunteers her time and efforts to the Democratic politics. In 2012 she became a delegate to the Democratic National Committee for President Obama. She is the Corresponding Secretary for the California Democratic Parties African American Caucus, and also serves as the Co-Chair to the California Democratic Parties Affirmative Action Committee.

Ms. Brown has a keen insight into the priorities of Union Workers and employers and extensive experience in Labor management collaboration. Additionally, she works to strengthen her community by not only participating in, but also by leading organizing efforts for racial and economic justice. Much of Ms. Brown’s time is spent running and building the San Diego Martin Luther King Democratic Club where she was recently elected President of the Club. And as President, she has reinvigorated and rebuilt the club into a preeminent San Diego Democratic club, whose endorsement is sought by local and statewide candidates. She has greatly increased the clubs membership and revenue in her short tenure. As Vice President of the San Diego A. Philip Randolph Institute she has also brought her considerable efforts to strengthening and advancing the capacity of this organization as well.

Throughout California and her local community, Ms. Brown continues to work tirelessly to improve the lives of hard working, middle class workers. She continues to organize, educate and mobilize working class Californians, in order to help workers build their own capacity to make improvements in employment, housing, education and civic engagement. Public service is a labor of love and a form of true heart fault love of Ms. Brown, and one she will continue long into the future.


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