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Jovan Agee

Member on the Move

ABC 10 Late News Tonight!

What are you doing Beyond the Holiday? Jovan Agee calls out the dichotomy of liberty and racism in this country and calls out non-voters on their lack of participation in the voting process while blasting on Twitter and posting endlessly on Instagram. He points out that those platforms do little more than perpetuate a general lack of true political engagement.

Agee says that, “Twitter outrage is getting old” and democracy means getting involved and not sitting on your couch like a spectator. He contends that many voters that could really make a difference choose to remain silent even though we have the right to vote.

Jovan is a political consultant who used to serve as Senior Advisor for Mayor Kevin Johnson. He calls us to do something about what is wrong and not just talk about it. Our movement needs to be sustained he said and that means getting involved Beyond the MLK Holiday.

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