The 2018 California Democratic Party State Convention is back!

The California Democratic Party Convention is back and 2018 is a very important political year for democrats as we continue grassroots campaigns while fighting to keep our cities, counties and states blue by electing democrats to office.

We encourage you to volunteer at this convention and be one of many who dedicate their time and energy to make the convention a successful one. If you are interested all you need to do is sign up online and the CDP will assign you a duty.  When I volunteered last year, I learned a lot about how much coordination and sheer people power is required to make things work.

To sign up to volunteer go here: VOLUNTEER

There is also a volunteer hotline if you have any questions:  (916) 503-7321

The tentative agenda is out! This agenda will provide a much needed general idea of where and when you need to be. From General Session to Dinner, from Caucus meetings to hospitality suites and everything in between.

See the agenda at this  link: Tentative Agenda

Did you ever wonder how many types of caucuses there are? Well there is a page on the CDP website that lists all the caucuses, their chairs, contact information and in some cases a link to the bylaws. Our caucus is the first one.

Go visit the page here: CDP Caucuses

We must also add, that per CDP website:

IMPORTANT – Please Note

Registration will close on Friday, February 2nd at 5PM.

* In order to vote, and have one’s vote counted, at this meeting, a member must have timely paid their dues to This Committee (or had them waived), registered for the meeting, obtained their credential prior to the close of credentialing, and completed and returned to the proper authority any ballot that may be issued.

You must have a DSCC delegate credential in order to vote in elections or during general session.
All credentials must be physically picked up, in person at Registration – even if you registered online for Convention.

To be eligible to vote in the officer elections, you must pick up your delegate credential at Credentialing/Registration before 1:00 PM on Saturday, February 24.

You must register and receive your credential before elections – while registration is open.
NO DELEGATE CREDENTIAL = NO VOTING!  Please check the agenda to confirm Registration hours

Last but not least, for the first time ever the CDP will be hosting a luncheon in their desire to be all inclusive of those who may not be able to attend the dinner. The dinner and the luncheon both have limited seating so please sign up soon. This luncheon will be held on Sat. Feb. 24th from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm.

It is people like you that make the convention great. We look forward to seeing you there.

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