Congressional Crusader for Our Cause


Congresswoman Maxine Waters has been fighting for the cause, our cause and everyone’s cause since I can remember! She has the political acumen, the sheer tenacity and the bold audacity to say not only what we are thinking but more! She gives us hope, carries the torch of injustice for all and remains steadfast in her determination to not simply be heard but be acknowledged. She demands action, not lip service, she wants to see her community thrive and she does not accept no for an answer.

Waters is unapologetic and black. She does not paint her community as victims, but rather she stands up and openly declares that she will not demand anything less than what her community deserves. Whether that mean she must fight for work opportunities for blacks, protest airports that seek to further gentrify or raise a fist to government funded drug wars on the inner cities, she will be there.

Today she continues to fight for healthcare, environmental protections, the preservation of our public schools and the list goes on and on. But most of all she has become a sounding trumpet against a broken federal administration, and even as she is threatened, she stands, even as she is in danger, she speaks and even as she faces strong dissent she rises. She rises for us and she rises for you.

What will you do? Don’t just sit and watch her. Join the fight. Join a cause. Join the African American Caucus!

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