Our Regional Directors

The African American Caucus is one of the few caucuses in the California Democratic Party that have Regional Directors. Their role is a very important one for our local communities. Not only are they the voice of the African American Caucus but they are the official representatives of the caucus in communities near you. These directors are not to be confused with CDP Regional Directors that represent specific regions on behalf of the California Party as a whole.

Our directors are considered the lead contact for constituents in their local region and/or assembly districts and they desire to support African American candidates and issues in your area. In addition, they are the “Go-to” person for statewide issues and initiatives that have been voted and endorsed by the caucus. Although they also have the ability to individually support other issues, their primary role is to disseminate information on behalf of the caucus and the state democratic party.

Each Regional Director should apply and can be appointed. One of their duties is to  prepare a report for the Executive Board meeting. All of our Regional Directors are dynamic and accomplished men and women who are demonstrated activists for the cause of African Americans and advocates for those things that uplift our communities.

We are happy to bring profiles of each of these members soon so stay tuned!

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